Building the Fling-Hi

Building the Fling-Hi just takes a couple of short steps, but first make sure you release all the laser-cut parts out of the stock wood.all lasercut parts
Then there are 3 pieces to glue in the first step:
first glued parts
1: the rudder onto the stabilo (make sure the rudder points to the left, when looking in the flying direction)
2: the fuselage to the spur stick
3: the first wingtip on the wing, I started with the right wingtip, when you look on top of the wing, this side is angled. Use the template for the correct dihedral, but do not glue this one onto the wing!

Make sure you give this enough time to dry, about 15 minutes when using UHU-hart.

The next step is to glue the second wingtip on, again using the template for the correct dihedral. Next you can glue the stabilo to the fuselage. Try to keep this square:
second wingtip and fuselage

When this is dry again, you can already glue the wing onto the fuselage. Again make sure to keep it square. Use the notches for the correct location:wing onto the fuselage

It already starts to look like an airplane! To make sure the wings are not damaged during a good throw, you can add some doublers on the bottom of the wing:doublers on the wing

The final step is to finish the fuselage with the top piece onto the wing:finishing up

Now the plane is all done; next time I’ll show you how to balance it…